Most of us know how important it is to be extra vigilant of what we put into our bodies while pregnant (think alcohol, caffeinne, sushi, etc), but not everyone gives much thought to the products we use on our bodies. Truth is, it’s crucial to watch what we’re putting on our skin, since so many topical ingredients are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Here are a few of our top tips for navigating pregnancy skincare, plus a few of our top product recommendations for you to try.

Switch to a gentle cleanser

Many women find that their skin becomes a whole lot more dry and sensitive during their pregnancies, while others battle with breakouts and acne. Our top tip is to switch to a gentle, creamy cleanser to rid of daily dirt and grime, makeup and other impurities. Our Milk Cleanser is just perfect – shop it here.

Give up on chemical exfoliants and make do with a granular scrub for the time being

Since large doses of salicylic acid taken in oral form have been found to cause harm during pregnancy, it’s best to stay clear of topical products and chemical exfoliants that contain salicylic acid and beta hydroxy acids altogether. Can’t imagine going 9 months without a good exfoliation? Don’t panic! Our indulgent Facial Scrub is gentle enough to use on the most sensotive skins, and is made using only the very best natural ingredients. Click here for more info.

Looking for a gentle, all-over body scrub? Our Mom To Be Body Salt Scrub is formulated specifically for use during pregnancy and is incredibly nourishing and gentle on the skin. It contains refined sea salt to remove dead skin cells, whilst the pampering blend of shea butter and natural oils will leave your skin feeling well moisturised and silky soft and smooth. It’s also (naturally) fragranced with a delicate hint of soothing mandarin and lavender oils. More details here.

Start using a good stretch mark oil

This one goes without saying… and the sooner your start, the better! Despite what you may have heard, stretch marks don’t only occur in the later stage of pregnancy and can start developing as early as the first trimester, thanks to high hormone levels. That said, they most commonly appear in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy… but for best results, it’s wise to start applying a stretch marks oil from day one! Our best bet? Our soothing Mom To Be Stretch Mark Oil, which contains a plethora of nourishing natural oils to imprive your skin’s elasticity. Shop it here.

Apply a nourishing body mousse to your skin to help soothe dry, itchy skin

Uncomfortable, itchy skin isn’t uncommon during pregnancy, believe it or not. Many women notice itchiness on their growing bellies and boobs, which is as a result of the skin streeeeetching to accommodate your growing bump. Try our pampering Mom To Be Body Mousse, which contains heavenly mandarin and lavender essential oils (which have proven to be the safest essential oils to use during pregnancy). We also have a lovely matching Mom To Be Wash for an extra dose of pampering (and to ensure that you – and your unborn baby – aren’t exposed to any nasty chemicals). Find out more about our Mom To Be Body Wash here, and our pampering Mom To Be Body Mousse, here.

What are some of the biggest skincare concerns you’re experiencing during your pregnancy? And if you’ve already been through it all, what were some of your tried-and-tested beauty tips to help nourish your skin?

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