Body Scrub – OMW! I love, love, love the Bluebell & Thistle range. It’s gentle and doesn’t scratch your skin but rough enough to remove dead and dry skin. I love the fragrance and the oils in the scrub made my skin so soft and silky. Didn’t even have to moisturize afterwards and in just 2 uses my heals are smooth and soft too. – Laura Templeton

We have been using the Body Treats range in our practice for over 6 months now, to great effect. The Eczema cream, Eczema Body Oil and Eczema Head to Toe Wash have been greatly effective in relieving eczema and to prevent triggering a new attack. We would highly recommend these products as they are free from parabens and artificial colourants, fragrance and preservatives. We look forward to any future products Body Treats will launch. Dr Robin Kohler – Perfect Health Team

As a first time user of your products I would just like to say that I have noticed a marked change in my skin after my first use. I have suffered from dry skin for over a year, due to prolonged use of cortisone. This is the first product that has worked. Not only have I been converted but I bought my mother and my best friend gifts from your store, and they abosolutely loved them.  Kind regards.- Tarryn

I recently bought the body treats eczema treatment cream, although i dont have eczema, it was recomended for my hands that burst open every seasonal change and can i just say THANK YOU, I applied it immediatly and by that evening I could see the and feel the difference, within two days the open wounds were healing, I use it every day now, it is really a great product. Thank you. – Cherine

RT @ClairesCuppa: @@FairyGirlZAGave my friend the choc mint foot mousse. She asked: Are you sure it’s not edible? ##winninggift@alambchop Guaranteed! It has helped me,#SuperJ & so many others for dry itchy skin. Even on your face! @BodyTreatsZA Eczema Cream.

Anti age cream & milk cleanser – I have use every product available from the cheapest over the counter to the most expensive on the market and had resigned myself to the fact that I have very sensitive eyes. They all burned my eyes and made them blood shot. The BT anti age range has “opened my eyes”. Soft, moisturizing and doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes at all. I love these products! – Laura Templeton
I’m enjoying a blue bell bath from BT. Absolute heaven! – Natasha
I use the vanilla salt scrub every few nights and vanilla body mousse in-between. It’s awesome! – Gina
Only 3 washes with Body Treats  Eczema top-toe wash  & J’s scalp eczema (4 which I’ve tried many things) = almost completely cleared up! – Ankia 
I did a 70 km mountain bike ride this past weekend in the Nottingham Road  area in the KZN Midlands. The route consisted predominantly of secondary  sand roads, jeep track and technical single track which in most instances  is pretty tough on the behind. I applied the Indulgence Anti-Chafe cream  before the ride. The cream had a pleasant smell, was easy to apply and was  non-greasy. Most importantly, after the gruelling 70 km ride, my backside  was right as rain! You can be assured that I will continue to use the  Indulgence Anti-Chafe cream and will recommend its use to any sportsman  that is looking for a cost effectivr, locally produced product that does  the job! – David Graham
We have lived with the eczema monster for a long time in our house. Pierre has it and unfortunately so has Andrew. Carmen was lucky until this year.

As with most families that battles with this, we have tried every cream on the market,knows what works and what not. Some years you find something works, only for the next year to have the prodoct pulled from the shelves and start all over again. Jeanette has been urging me to try Body Treats Eczema cream and with Carmen’s eczema getting very bad , I gave it a bash. This stuff really works. Carmen’s has all but disappeared and Andrew, well Andrew’s is cronic. One patch dissapears, another one appears. But it makes it much more bearable and at least alleviates the itchiness. I’m also using it for the rash that Andrew has developed around the Molluscum contagiosum he got. I’ve also started to use the facial products from  Body Treats and it’s really made my skin feel so much better. She doesn’t use sulphates in her products which really helps sensitive and allergy prone skin.

* Disclaimer: In no way has anyone asked or paid me to write this. It just really is a very good product.- Madelaine

Hi Leigh-Ann, My order arrived safely at the Merrivale Post Office, Howick, KZN and was collected. Many thanks, I hope my friend has as much success with your wonderful Eczema Treatment Cream as I did. Regards and best wish for the continued success of your business. – M.J. (John) McCarthy

Sometimes I’m tempted to lick my Body Treats vanilla body mousse covered finger. Seems smelling *this* good must be edible 🙂 – Ankia 

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