How long do your products last for?

Our products have a shelf life ranging from 6, 12 and 18 months. Every product has a batch code and an expiry date.

Can the eczema range be used on a newborn?

Yes, most definitely.

What is the difference between a carrier oil and an essential oil?

A carrier oil is known as a base oil (vegetable oil) and is used to dilute an essential oil.

Do any of your products contain harsh chemicals?

Absolutely not, our products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohol, mineral oil and DEA.

Why do some products sometimes vary in colour, scent or texture?

Our ingredients are sourced from different farmers and a lot depends on the time of the year that the ingredients are harvested, products can be affected by heat / sunlight. With that said, we do try and keep our products consistent in colour, scent and texture.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our products are eco-friendly and we make use of biodegradable containers ensuring that they can dissolve easily in the environment without destroying nature.

Are your products tested on animals?

All of our products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and Vegan Friendly too.

Can you customise a product to suit an individual?

As much as we’d like to, this is not possible as our products are tested at laboratories for micro and stability testing. One product takes approximately 12 – 16 weeks to test. However, we do cater for all the different skin types and conditions.

When working with formulations that have been tried and tested one cannot add or remove ingredients as this affects the end product, stability and micro testing.

Do any of your products have a SPF?

Shea Butter which is a common ingredient in most of our products has an SPF between 4 and 6, however it is not enough to block harmful UV rays. We highly recommend that all of our clients apply a sunblock with at least a 30 SPF.

Do you make use of organic ingredients as well as natural?

Yes, we do. We select the most naturally derived ingredients possible. Each ingredient is carefully selected for their specific beneficial properties on the skin. We support Fair Trade.

Can your stretch mark oil remove stretch marks?

There is no cream or oil on the market that can remove stretch marks. However, with that said our stretch mark oil reduces the appearance considerably and lightens them. It is a wonderful repair and prevention oil.

Can I use your Shea Butter soap on my face?

Yes, most definitely. It is a soft soap bar derived from Shea Butter, Coconut and Sunflower Oil. The pH levels are tested to ensure that our soaps are mild and gentle on the skin.

How long do your soaps last?

A bar should last you 4 – 6 weeks. Please remember not to leave your soap in the water.

Are pH levels tested for your products?

Yes, they are tested in the laboratories and during production.

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